Seamlessly Merge Your Care Delivery, Billing, and Accounting

Streamlining processes between service delivery and payment receipt is one key to success in healthcare. So, how is your healthcare enterprise staying ahead of the costs with an efficient and effective billing process, benefitting your cashflow?

PayerCARE™ for Microsoft Dynamics from Engage seamlessly ties your care delivery points to your billing and accounting processes so your practitioners can track care provided while providing key information points for accurate and speedy billing whether your organization bills to private insurance, individuals, Medicare, Medicaid or other programs.

PayerCARE™ provides visibility and access to information for application and completion of your billing processes. PayerCARE™ delivers formatted detail for your accounting and billing department, enabling them to work independently from the clinical side, speeding processing while decreasing impact to the clinical delivery process:

  • Automated workflows require data entry at point of care
  • Verification points prevent double-billing or the assignment of a technician or clinician who is not qualified to perform the work (integration with the ClientCARE™ or CliniCARE™ solution accelerators)
  • Data is mapped for import, review and submission for billing programs such as Medicare, Medicaid as well as other state- and federally-funded programs
  • Addresses multipayer processes, rebilling, and status tracking to minimize delays

PayerCARE™ provides automation and visibility with a solution accelerator that is able to supplement or replace your current systems, delivering superior cost savings and revenue management. Knowing that most organizations already have a system in place to track information to date, PayerCARE™ has been created based on an open and easily-integrated architecture. PayerCARE™ can also import legacy data into securely encrypted, web-based systems enabling easy updates, submissions and tracking from care delivery, through audits and controls and on to final payment submission, adjustments or write-offs.

PayerCARE™ partial features list:

  • Audit, billing and tracking information to ease and speed payer billing and communications through integrated accounting, Medicare billing and electronic submission, multi-party payment processing by service type
  • Integration into accounting packages such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and AIX
  • Reporting capabilities to track billing processes from timesheets, to invoicing, through payment (integration with ClientCARE™ Solution Accelerator)
  • Software as a Service deployment with little or no capital expenditure required, decreased overhead in managing clinic staffing and onsite support based on monthly costs and users required
  • Reduces or redeploys both labor and administrative resources via customizable workflows
  • Consistent data use, analysis and access provides all authorized parties with appropriate role based reporting based on function, need and process
  • Visibility and tracking of clinic and other medical/surgical supplies, stock and cost implications

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