Become an Agent

Engage offers the best solutions across a variety of application and communication offerings. Engage products are offered either as fully-hosted or in combination with on-premise solutions. Engage services further demonstrate leadership in helping you add incremental value to your customer relationships.

When you become an Engage Sales Agent, you'll be able to sell superior hosted, managed and on-premise solutions to your clients, while Engage takes care of the post-sales service, customer support, billing and so on. This profitable partnership will keep your business and your client's business one step ahead of the competition.

As an Engage Sales Agent, you can provide your clients with the full suite of Engage solutions and services.

About the Program

This program maximizes flexibility by enabling you to own and manage the sales process, yet leverages Engage's delivery and support network. As an Engage Sales Agent you make the sale, enter the order with Engage and Engage does the rest. Standard solutions and services are yours to make time and time again, generating recurring revenue for you for as long as the customer stays with Engage’s solutions. Custom services require review and consultation with Engage, but similarly will continue to produce recurring revenue for you throughout the customer’s use of Engage’s solution.

Who Should Join

This program is ideally suited for companies with an interest and competency in local area networking, server administration, voice or data services and with sales as a core function of your business. These include:

  • Convergence solution providers
  • Telecommunications resellers
  • Value-added resellers
  • Network and systems integrators
  • Integration partners
  • Complimentary Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Superior Customer Value

Engage takes your customer’s business as seriously as you do. We provide reliable service, competitive pricing, superior customer support, and strong service level agreements. Our solutions offer your customers a significant increase in capabilities and savings of up to 20%. Engage's services are flexible and come in a variety of formats. With Engage, your customers will greatly reduce their costs, manage mobility more effectively, collaborate easily, and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Partner Benefits

  • Opportunity — Engage allows you to offer best-in-class, business-class solutions and services. Our Engage offerings can be offered as either fully-hosted or in combination with on-premise systems.
  • Competitive commissions — Maximize cash flow with our industry-leading compensation plan. Build recurring revenue streams. Accelerate earnings as your customer base increases.
  • Support — As an Engage Sales Agent, you will have an assigned Channel Manager and Sales Engineer ready to support your company’s success.
  • Training — Engage provides comprehensive and targeted training, including sales and technical training.
  • Engage Resource Center — Resource center with effective sales and marketing tools. Special offers help close orders quickly. Convenient, quick-start training gets you up and running fast (coming 2009).

Partner Commitments

  • Market — Your business must have an established customer base that fits our targeted small to medium-sized business (SMB) profile.
  • Competencies — Your business must have strength and experience in providing business systems or service.
  • Resources — You are required to have a direct sales force with solid customer relationships. The sales team will be fully vetted and subsequently trained by a qualified Engage instructor.
  • Agreement — Although there is no minimum annual revenue commitment to remain an agent, you must continue to sell regularly for residual benefits to accumulate.
  • Participation — As a Partner, you will be required to maintain an active membership status by regularly placing new business orders, and receive and act upon Engage communications in a timely manner.

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