Health Care

In today’s market, the keys to success include reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies, working within financial means, and having the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing regulatory requirements; all while keeping an eye on quality of care, insuring consistent delivery.

Impossible? Not with integrated solutions from Engage. Deployed to fit your business and your budget, Engage’s Healthcare solutions are light-weight on financial impact, but heavy-duty on functionality and flexibility.

Unlike legacy healthcare software solutions, Engage’s ASAP.Net Platform delivers an integrated, web-based business solution framework on a subscription basis. This means that you have more flexibility and more control by subscribing to solutions delivering superior efficiencies to your communication, scheduling, medical billing, and records management.

Rules based billing capabilities for multi-payer, patient and Medicare/Medicaid processing while delivering speed and accuracy in payment submission, helping ensure efficient cash flow, enabling the provider to focus on client care and service delivery.

Enhanced Service Offerings Deliver Increased Value
In a world where consumers, providers and payers have choices, adopting appropriate technology is the key to bringing all these needs together.

Efficient and specialized service delivery to the consumer patient population - quickly, accurately., profitably. CliniCARE™ frees your clinical, technical and business teams from focusing on the tedium of administration and on the delivery patient care and service delivery instead.

Designed to automate the back-office and line of business rules associated with running discrete and/or community health events such as screenings, diagnostics, vaccinations and more...   (Read More)

Organizations supporting populations with specialized needs, programmatic support requirements, developmental disabilities, long-term, and outpatient care require timely, secure access to accurate client records, plan of care information and QAI reporting data. With spiraling costs for service delivery, it’s critical for providers to not only identify but to eliminate potential authorization and billing issues before they become back-office problems.

Enabling and empowering your organization, ClientCARE™ helps keep your clinical, technical and business teams synchronized around your service plans, client authorizations, and reporting requirements, all while helping insure high quality service delivery and accurate reporting...  (Read More)

Based upon EngageESP™, one the first hosted telephone, unified communication and messaging services for business, ConnectCARE™ is an automated system for managing appointment confirmations and reminders via multi-modal communication (telephone, web site, email, text messaging, etc.).

Deployed standalone, integrated with third party systems or integrated with CliniCARE™ or ClientCARE™ solutions from Engage, ConnectCARE™ effectively helps to reduce no-shows and increase arrival rates, helping providers improve their operations, visibility, and revenue...  (Read More)

Streamlining processes between service delivery and payment receipt is one key to success in healthcare. So, how is your healthcare enterprise stay ahead of the costs with an efficient and effective billing process, benefitting your cashflow?

PayerCARE™ for Microsoft Dynamics from Engage seamlessly ties your care delivery points to your billing and accounting processes so your practitioners can track care provided while providing key information points for accurate and speedy billing whether your organization bills to private insurance, individuals, Medicare, Medicaid or other programs...  (Read More)

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