Distribution in today’s market is much more than tracking movement, processing, landed costs and delivery of goods to and from destinations. The focus today is more on superior service, knowing your customer and your customer knowing you. It is more critical than ever to identify, understand and properly respond to your customers’ needs before, during and after their goods have been handled.

How can your team think ahead and anticipate your customer's needs, setting you apart from the rest of the pack? With Engage's solution framework and business accelerators for distribution, you'll not only be flexible enough to handle your company’s specific distribution, tracking and accounting needs, but by leveraging business specific workflows, alerts, messaging and online access, you'll enable your customers as well.

Engage’s solutions enable Distribution function and organization:

  • A clear view of costs, metrics, tracking and view of all materials, costs and transit movement
  • Integration of proactive workflows, alerts and communications methods to allow personnel to follow up at the right time with the right information
  • Unified communications to permit personnel and clients access for self-services and deeper visibility
  • Ability to customize all aspects to reflect your organization’s, your market’s and your customer’s processes, needs and changing environments

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