Keep your focus by going to the Cloud

Cloud computing - what does that even mean?  Hosted applications, service platforms, virtual compute fabrics, grids and other gizmos.  It's easy to see where someone could get confused, but at the most basic point of entry - 'Cloud' means saving you time, aggravation and most likely money too.

Engage has been 'Cloud' since its inception.  Beginning with hosting dedicated servers, then web applications, then in 2003 in partnering with Microsoft and Siemens Communications Engage helped bring to market among the first production-level hosted, mutli-tenanted Unified Communications solutions.

Whether you're talking about Office 365, Azure, Dedicated Hosting, FISMA, FIPS or other regulatory requirement, Engage has you covered in the cloud with the experience and trust you need to fully evaluate how best cloud technologies may serve your organization's needs today and throughout the future.

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