Microsoft uses Office 2010 to launch Office 2010

By using SharePoint 2010, MS said it was able to make its virtual launch less expensive, more social.


MS considered using an existing virtual launch tool, or off-the-shelf software from a third party, but decided last year it could get more for its money using the latest version of SharePoint, then still in beta. The new SharePoint meant the site could be made more social and be able to be translated into more languages. Senior marketing manager Carol Matthews said that going with SharePoint 2007, they would have most likely been able to cut corners a bit, but instead convinced her boss Chris Capossela to bet the launch on the product. MS does have an HTML-based back for Wednesday’s launch, but Matthews said that has more to do with the unreliability of the web than of SharePoint. She is confident that going with SharePoint 2010 is the right choice.


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