Change comes with every new administration, but today's government is particularly under pressure from both the top down and the bottom up to become more efficient, transparent, and open. With calls for increasing levels of accountability, participation, and collaboration, government leaders recognize how new applications of technology - and Web 2.0 in particular - can help bring about the desired changes collectively referred to as Gov 2.0!
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Engage Hosts Communication and Web Services to Facilitate Genox, Inc. Growth.
While one particular service is not unique in and of itself, the blending of a number of solutions can either make or break a business model for many.
Engage Serves Up KiWiPOS with some Software Development Innovation.
Engage was able to develop a more predictable allocation of resources between code maintenance and new application development.
The Benefits of Patient and Partner Self Service.
It is no secret that healthcare providers are experiencing a crisis of resources to improve healthcare efficiency. They are caught between rising costs and increased demand from a consumer base frustrated with high prices. In this environment, any provider that can decrease costs without decreasing quality of service stands to "win big" in terms of customer loyalty.

Automation and self-service can go beyond cost savings, by providing additional benefits to both the business and consumer. By allowing patients to self-serve through devices and systems they use every day, providers can radically change the way they provider healthcare.